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(Detached & Semi)


We have designs for different types of bungalows; Row Houses, Detached Bungalows and Semi-Detached Bungalows.
Bungalows which are typically single-storey houses, is normally the most cost-effective option if the land is not an issue of design consideration.
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Block of

Block of Flats

These are usually large buildings with several apartments usually on multiple floors. They are characterized by shared facilities such as a shared staircase.
A typical example would be a building made up of 4 different 2-bedroom apartments.
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Duplex (Detached
& Semi-Detached)


A Duplex is a building structure with two floors connected by a staircase. These types of buildings can either be detached (in which one family occupies both floors) or Semi-Detached (in which you have two duplexes connected with a common wall and roofed with a single roof).
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Terrace Apartments

These are buildings made up of multiple duplex buildings on multiple floors (usually three floors). They are multi-floor homes that share one or two walls with adjacent properties but have their own entrances.
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Mixed Use Developments

Buildings made up of several house types built usually under the same roof. Mixed Developments could come in the form of different combinations:
Block of Flats + Terrace Apartments
Semi-Detached Duplex + Block of Flats
Duplex + Block of Flats + Terrace Apartments
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