Primus Customisation

Customized building Exteriors… Building Interiors… Landscaping.

"God is in the details."

Mies van der Rohe

What we do

At Primus Customization, we offer customers of Primus Plans (those who have bought design packages) or those who want custom designs done; a fast and cost effective process of achieving their dream home.

Primus Customization seeks to reduce the time it takes for one to get a customized architectural design done. 

We know that there are many online sources from where one can get inspirations for a dream home or interior design or landscaping design; that was why we created Primus Customization as a way of taking all those design inspirations (either from Primus Plans) or from other sources and coming up with a Bespoke (Custom) Design that matches all you love.

Is Primus Customization for You?

If you identify with any of the following scenarios, then Yes! we can help.

The Customer

You have just purchased a design package from Primus Plan and you want some customization to suit your building site or some other particular taste.

The Landlord

You have just paid for a house within an estate and you would want to customize the house interior (and/ or exterior) plan before or during the construction.

The Inspired

You watched a movie online, a documentary, or a clip on YouTube and you fell in love with the architectural design there and want to replicate it

How to use Primus Customization

(4 steps – It’s that simple!)


Click on the "Request Customization" button and fill in the form & upload your design.


We'll place a call across to you to discuss your needs in detail and the corresponding fees.


Make payment using any of our online channels or via Direct Bank Transfer to our official accounts.


Receive your customized design in your inbox within the next 2 - 3 working days.

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